Meet Our Team

Our team consists of clinicians, researchers and engineers hailing from diverse backgrounds ranging from directing Public Health Psychology Labs to engineering rockets for Space X. While our diverse backgrounds help us bring in fresh ideas into the clinical setting, our science team's 50+ years of combined clinical experience grounds us in practicality.

Our Science Team

Multidisciplinary team of clinicans and researchers

Having served as a Psychiatrist for fifteen years he focused on anxiety disorders, depression, and ADHD, as well as future trends in psychiatry. He has written and presented extensively on the topics of anxiety, depression, ADHD, psychosis, and psychopharmacology. To date, he has thirty-four publications and have been awarded six research grants and in recent years has upskilled as a Data Scientist, hoping to apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning with psychiatric clinical endeavours.

Carlo Carandang MD.

Psychiatrist / Data Scientist

Dr. Jennifer Stamp is a senior Instructor at Dalhousie University’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. She also sits as the psychological chair to Science Atlantic. Dr. Stamp’s studies the neurobiological underpinnings of vulnerability to addictive drugs and educational strategies for student success, in particular those that promote engagement, independence, and accessibility. 

Jennifer Stamp PhD.

Psychological Chair of Science Atlantic

Registered Counsellor, with over than 20 years of experience. Janet Perlis is focused on providing individual counseling services and testing for children, adolescents, and adults struggling with anger/emotional management issues, anxiety, depression, career and learning challenges.

Janet Perlis MEd.

Registered Counsellor

Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate (RCT-C) and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), with a Masters of Education – Counselling from Acadia University. Gary Owen Porter has over a decade of experience in education and counseling.

Gary Owen Porter

Registered Counsellor

PERFORM Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Science, Preventative Health, and Health Policy.  Muhammed holds a research appointment at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. He is the co-founder of the data sciences laboratory at the PERFORM Centre at Concorda.

Muhammed Idris PhD.

Harvard Postdoc Research Fellow

Sandra studies the Bayesian Brain and Neural Coherence. She is also interested in using technology to build tools for the clinical environment. A cognitive neuroscientist, she also has five years of experience counselling autistic children and adolescents.

Sandra Guerreiro PhD.

Researcher @ LERN EC Lab

Registered Counsellor (MA, RPC), with a Masters of Arts – Counseling Psychology from Yorkville University. During her Masters, Kara Melendy focused on the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder with comorbid Panic Disorder using Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.

Kara Melendy MeD.

Registered Counsellor

Previously VP of Research and Development at Impact Medical Solutions and the Science Divsion Manager at Thought Technology Ltd, Steeve has a rich experience in working in cutting edge software, hardware and medical technologies and applying it to the wide commercial and public good.

Steeve Asselin MsC.

Technical Advisor @ Research Canada

Our Development Team

From the tech industry to leading labratories

Paolo, has designed products, and, has led User Experience Research for companies such the Stanford Research Institute, Dow Chemicals and Konica Innovation Labs. He is the co-founder of "Lab12", a tech and data science incubator for graduate students and postdocs , and, "Practical Happiness and Success", a public facing group that discusses the latest happiness research. A developer with a focus on Javascript, Python and data science his interests lie in how technology, clinical research and happiness research intersects in fruitful ways.

Paolo Melgarejo

UX Architect

As a software engineer with over 20 years of experience at top companies such as IBM and Morgan Stanley, his wealth of experience is absolutely invaluable in designing software that meets the most stringest health regulatory practices . His expertise includes: Javascript, Node, Java, database design, software architecture and security. He's also the VP of technical development at Otakuthon, one of the world's largest conventions that hosts over 40,000 attendees yearly. His mentorship roles and various initiatives makes him a staple in Montreal's social and innovation ecosystem.

Andre John Mas

Software Architect

A mechanical engineer by trade Sam has worked for some of the most innovative companies in the world such as Space X and Tesla. Sam uses his engineering training to break down the problems surrounding happiness and stress into their fundamental components, and to then design solutions from these building blocks – effectively “engineering” happiness. He is also the cofounder of Practical Happiness and Success and leads the meetup group in Halifax.

Sam Levac-Levey

Product Designer / Engineer

Sandra is a FrontEnd web developer that converges her clinical background and technical skills to build digital tools to facilitate intervention and increase autonomy. In addition her experience in research in cognitive neuroscience and visual perception gives her a unique knowledge on how to build ergonomic applications and adapt for different necessities. In the past year Sandra built a meal planner webapp meant to increase the autonomy of people with disabilities

Sandra Guerreiro

Front-End Developer

Leona is a full stack developer with both consulting and Busniess Analyst skillsets acquired over several years in the IT industry and in research labs. Her interests lie in the intersection of technology, art, well-being and social good. She has assisted with efforts in fields as diverse as enterprise information architecture, geodata, reporting & analytics as well as projects dependent on information retrieval sciences.

Leona M

Computer Systems Engineer

Vernon is a professional engineer with a background in renewable energy and commercial development. He has lead the design and construction of a variety of development projects and is advocate for using innovative practices and technology to reduce waste and optimize construction practices. Vernon founded Dronomap to help construction companies make informed decisions based on aerial intelligence. Vernon is a passionate full stack developer and uses web technologies to optimize and improve the lives of people around the globe.

Vernon Lillies

Full-stack Developer

Greg is an innovative generalist passionate about discovering and working with ideas to change the world. He has a previous education encompassing the domains of environmental science, computer science, and business. Greg has a successful track record in leadership roles while also having travelled through more than thirty countries. His combined technical capacity alongside his natural intuitive sense for good design contribute towards his aptitude in developing quality products.

Greg Denys

Front-End Developer

Antsa is a research bio-chemist turned Software Developer. For her Masters Biochemistry Thesis she published a paper on solving the structure of a protein using Python to design an advanced algorithm to help her do so. She currently develops in Javascript related technologies including: JQuery, React, Node and Express, PostGRES and MongoDB. She also has recieved a gold medal for best musician for the "Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sport de l'Ocean Indien" (CJSOI: similar to an olympics for musicians).

Antsa Randriamihaja

Full-stack Developer

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Our mission is to position ourselves at the nexus of research and application so that we are able to make a positive impact on mental health at large. We thrill in applying the latest in health, tech and psychological research to solve what we think are interesting problems in novel and creative ways. Our goal in the end is simply to make a happier and more resilient society in our own humble way.