Aria Simplifies Counselling

Aria is a comprehensive platform that increases clients' engagement, reduces paper work, digitizes assessments and exercises, and tracks your clients' stress and mental states throughout their therapy.

Learn how Aria can help

Digitize your entire library of exercises and assessments

Centralize all your exercises and assessments. Create your own exercises using our custom exercise builder or upload PDFs and audio files. We also offer a curated service that digitizes your clinic's entire library of exercises and assessments.

Engage your clients outside of sessions on their mobile or desktop devices

Your clients will be able to track their mental states and complete assigned exercises outside of the sessions. You can see how engaged they are and how often they complete their exercises.

Incorporate the latest advances in data science and technology into your daily practice

Track how your clients respond to the exercises that you've assigned them, both in-session or as homework. Collect meaningful, detailed data about which exercises and treatments help each client demographic in which situations.

Have a few minutes to prepare for your next session? Prepare faster on spot with just a few clicks.

Easily access previous session notes, your clients' mental states and statistics from assigned exercises.

Safe, private and completely secure

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. We ensure physical safeguards in our server facilities, technical safeguards and follow strict technical policies. Any data transimission is completely encrypted.